The first time Tom Coble climbed into the cockpit of a plane he knew he had found a lifelong passion. As his flying career took shape, he dreamed of flying a fighter jet. Little did he know that one day, as president of Greensboro-based Coble Trench Safety, he would not only fly one…but own one.

Lynchburg Regional Airshow

May 21-22, 2011
When Tom decided to enter his Aero L-39 Albatros fighter jet in the Lynchburg Air Show, he turned to IVARS for a series of wearables and give-aways featuring the CTS Jet Team branding. When Tom landed his Czech-made, Soviet training jet in Lynchburg for the air show, his brand was ready fly.

IVARS sourced hats with custom 3-D designs from overseas and produced screen printed T-shirts with four unique designs for Tom to distribute at the air show.

“The branded items IVARS provided were a huge hit with our customers, vendors and supporters who came out to the show,” Tom said. “It was neat to see how IVARS made it happen in a short amount of time.”

Tom regularly takes customers, vendors and friends up for breath-taking, high-speed thrill rides, and it’s an experience they’ll not soon forget. But just in case, Tom gives them some cool stuff from IVARS to take home. He know his Coble Trench Safety Jet Team art is on file and ready to go at IVARS with the In-Stock program, so whenever he needs an order, small or large, he gets it in a hurry.

Watch Tom Coble’s video testimony about using IVARS for all Coble Trench Safety’s promotional product needs.