There is a difference

Not all promotional products companies are created equal.
Some have affectionately earned the label “trunk slammers.” They’re the folks who work out of their cars or the local coffee shop, hoping to get enough orders to qualify for a volume discount. They may be around in six months, but maybe not.

IVARS is not a trunk-slammer

Then you’ve got your mega-vendors. These conglomerates are typically online behemoths with a toll-free number that connects you to an offshore call center. Give them a call and settle in for a charming, lengthy on-hold message.

IVARS is not a mega-vendor

We are a family-owned and operated promotional products company with more than 35 years experience. We have put a lot of thought into not only what we deliver, but how we deliver it. We make it easy for companies to select the high-quality product they need, coaching them along the way concerning quality and price-point. We can then inventory and supply their staff, customers and members with on-demand ordering. It’s an end-to-end process that assures quality, timing and control.

That’s the IVARS difference

And that’s why we measure customer relationships in decades.