Custom Sunbrella® Banners for Elon University

After a few seasons of weather exposure, Elon University’s avenue banners were torn, tattered, frayed…and just plain tired.┬á Originally intended to brighten up the streetscape along the main corridors through campus, the banners had lost their color and needed to be replaced.┬á They turned to Ivars for suggestions.

Given the parameters for the project, Ivars suggested custom banners manufactured from Sunbrella®, a good-looking, long-lasting material that is guaranteed to hold its color and shape for years to come.  Sunbrella® is manufactured by Glen Raven, a North Carolina based textile company and strong supporter of Elon University.

With the fabric selected, Ivars used the old banners as a template for designing the new banners, which enabled Elon to save money by using the same hardware.  Ivars was also able to provide the decoration of the product, preserving the classic fonts and colors.  The finished product has breathed new life into the Elon streetscapes and will be a fixture for many years.  See the gallery below for before-and-after project photos, or drive through the campus to see first-hand.

Thanks to proven partnerships, Ivars pioneered a new use of the Sunbrella® fabric for Elon University.  This same solution can be applied for colleges and universities across the nation who want long-lasting, weather-resistant solutions for banners and standards.

Beyond indoor/outdoor banners, Ivars is a turnkey complete source for embroidering, printing, promotional items, recognition products and fulfillment programs.