Why do I have to have my logo digitized if I already have artwork?
Your logo must be converted into a format an embroidery machine can read. The flat image of your logo is converted into a series of individual stitches. The stitches create the texture and look of your logo. This format of your logo is not useful for any other type of art except for embroidery.

What formats acceptable for my artwork?
For embroidery design, a JPEG-formatted design will be sufficient.  For printed promotional items, a file such as a vectorial EPS or Illustrator file will be necessary.  IVARS can create or set up this file if needed for a minimal fee.  IVARS will maintain any and all designs in our library for any future needs.

If I have paid for a setup for embroidery, why is there another set up charge for printing?
The setups are for different processes. The digitizing charge sets up your design so it can be read into an embroidery machine. A setup for printing creates the screens that have to be burned for each color in a design. The screen charges are based on each color and they are incurred for any design. Different sizes of the same design requires different screens. Printing on different products requires different screens.